IGN and GAME unite for Gears of War launch event

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Fans will be able to play the new Gears of War game at a special pre-launch event next month, courtesy of IGN and GAME.

The ‘First Look' promotion is the first in a series of events following a partnership between the media and retail giant.

40 fans will be able to invite two friends to play the new Xbox title ahead of the game's midnight launch, with ten stores around the country running the special event.

We need to be a lot more pragmatic in terms of how each part of the industry can work together to help facilitate people's experience of games,” said GAME boss Martyn Gibbs.

In terms of that, it is really key for me that we have struck our first major partnership with IGN. Culturally our businesses our similar, in terms of what we want to achieve for the longer-term benefit for the games industry.

We started doing lock-ins last year with Assassin's Creed III, which was allowing gamers to get access to the game a while before it came out.

Basically, with that we are trying to act as a cinema in terms of creating theatre.”

IGN International director Ian Chambers added: GAME is the No.1 specialist retailer and IGN is the No.1 in games media, so we've always thought there would be a great fit there.”