Indian PSN users: Do not buy Black Ops 2 DLC

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Activision's Indian distributor has warned customers who've purchased Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on PS3 against buying the new Revolution DLC, which goes live on PSN today.

PS3 copies of Black Ops 2 sold in India are sourced from America, WWCD Roms has informed MCV, and as a result, DLC purchased from the Indian PlayStation Store will not be compatible with that version of the game.

However, if you bought Black Ops 2 digitally from the PSN Store itself, the DLC will be compatible as long as it is purchased from the same PSN Store.

The only workaround for Indian customers with retail copies is to purchase DLC from the US PSN Store.

While creating a US PSN account isn't difficult, the fact that Indian credit cards aren't accepted could be a problem. The only solution, then, would be to get your hands on a prepaid US PSN card.

These region restrictions apply to the PS3 version only, so Xbox 360 and PC players have nothing to worry about.

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