Indies call for more digital cards

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Independent retailers want the chance to stock a larger range of digital cards.

Top High Street indies told MCV this week that they want to be able to sell the sort of digital download cards currently available in big name rival GAME.

What we really want is a consignment stock of cards for individual games or desirable in game items,” said Barkman Computer's Nick Elliot. Then at least at the till point the customer might pick up a 3.45 card for a new mini arcade game, or a neat themed costume for another game.”

Meanwhile, Eclipse Home Interactive's Simon Mitchell wishes Sony would offer lower-priced PSN cards to independent retailers. Currently PSN cards come in at 20 or higher, with lower priced cards being exclusive for national retailers.

Kids don't have the 25 spare to spend on PSN cards,” he said, adding that, 5 and 10 would be far more ideal. Microsoft is clever to have cards going from 800 points.”