Inside Xbox video experts for hire

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GMA-winning video veterans are offering to help publishers create their own content.

Explosive Alan – formed by former Inside Xbox creators Ashley Denton, Dan Maher and Gareth Wild – has launched a commissioned content division.

The division can handle shooting, post-production, motion graphics, scriptwriting, copywriting and presenting for external companies. The firm can also act as consultants for publishers trying to build an internal video production outfit or develop new shows.

Alternatively, the team will act as consultants, assisting any publishers trying to build their own internal video production division or helping to develop new show formats.

Explosive Alan is also developing in-house shows, including Homework, an intentionally low-production offering that is already gathering a healthy fanbase, and a full-length showthat had been funded via a Kickstarter project.

Episodes of Homework and more on the company can be found at