Intel's Skylake CPUs will outpace Haswell by around 15%

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Leaked benchmark tests of Intel's upcoming Skylake CPUs suggest users can expect performance improvements of around 15 per cent compared to current processors.

PC Gamer reports that the Skylake i7-6700K benches at around 15 per cent ahead of the existing Haswell i7-4790K. That's pretty much in line with the sort of annual gains successive Intel models have shown in the last few years.

There will be a total of 10 SKUs spread across the new i5 and i7 lines, with all models supporting both DDR3 and DDR5 RAM. There will be four power-efficient 35W T models and two 95W K versions – the latter of which will support overclocking.

Intel also seems to have altered its standard naming, opting for the monikers i7-6700K and i5-6600K as opposed to the expected 6770K and 6600K.

The first of Intel's Skylakes are expected to launch later this year.