INTERVIEW: David Yarnton, Nintendo

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As the success of Wii and DS continues to drive Nintendo's rediscovered dominance in the games industry, UK general manager David Yarnton has told MCV that despite the doubts some voiced about both the DS and Wii prior to release, both machines continue to beat even Nintendo's own expectations.

When you look back to when we launched DS, we said we were going to do a million units of DS hardware – and I think a lot of people at the time thought that because PSP was coming we might not be able to do it,” Yarnton stated.

But we did a million, and then the following year we said we're going to do 1.5 million – and again people thought that wouldn't happen. This year is going to be the biggest year we've had on DS – that growth is still there.

Once people saw the Wii and its potential, we had the same. Some had their doubts, but it's been the same with Wii as with DS – it has just snowballed. On a week by week basis we are exceeding targets.”

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