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iOS giants go head-to-head this Thursday

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It might not generate the same headlines as Call of Duty vs Battlefield, but tomorrow will see a very high profile sales war fought between two of the App Store's big hitters.

In one corner we have Rovio, masterminds of the Angry Birds franchise that has in two and a half years grown into one of the biggest entertainment brands on the planet.

In the other corner we have indie developer Andreas Illiger whose 2011 release Tiny Wings was one of the surprise hits of last year.

Their newest titles, Amazing Alex and Tiny Wings 2, will both be released on the Apple App Store on Thursday July 12th.

There are few starker examples of how the smartphone market has transformed the games industry. A small publisher turned global power versus a German lad in his bedroom.

And both have an equal chance of ‘winning'. In fact, the dirt cheap nature of apps means that most punters can easily afford both titles. We all win! Apart from retail and console publishers, that is.

Here are the teaser trailers for both games: