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iPad pricing revealed

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Apple's iPad will be available for as little as $499, the tech giant has revealed.

The sum, which translates to 308, will net users the entry-level 16GB model. The 32GB variant will cost $599 (370) and the high-end 64GB model will cost $699 (433).

Those wanting to add mobile internet access via a 3G mobile connection will need to add $130 (80) on top. Therefore, the most expensive SKU – the 64GB model with 3G – will cost a total of $829 (512).

The basic models will be available in North America within two months, with the 3G models coming in the next three months.

US consumers will also be able to purchase the device through mobile operator AT&T, with limited data plans coming in at $14.99 per month and unlimited data plans costing $29.99.

The iPad will not be locked, however, meaning users will be able to buy the 3G model and use SIM cards from any compatible network.

International carrier deals are expected to arrive in June.