It lives! Ubisoft's I Am Alive resurfaces

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Over three years since it was first unveiled to the public at E3 2008, Ubisoft has broken cover and re-announced I Am Alive.

And as was rumoured back in February, the game will now skip High Street retail in favour of a digital-only release on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.

The game, which is being made by Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and Far Cry 3 developer Ubisoft Shanghai sees players fighting for survival in a post-disaster US city.

It follows the events of an unnamed character searching for his wife and kid. It combines several types of play styles, including Assassin's Creed style climbing, melee combat, FPS and lots of running away from scary people.

We know people have been waiting for this game to arrive, and we believe it's going to be worth the wait,” Ubisoft's marketing director Adam Novickas stated.

I Am Alive presents a unique take on the post apocalyptic, survival genre by creating more complex and emotional situations for the player. Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network are the perfect platforms to leverage the mature and challenging experiences of the game.”

Ubisoft has not yet announced a release date.