Iwata to skip E3 for health reasons

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Nintendo president Satoru Iwata won't be attending next week's E3 2014 event in Los Angeles on the advice of his doctor.

A Nintendo representative told Polygon that Iwata has been advised not to travel overseas in the immediate future, so he'll remain in Japan during the show.

"He's been instructed by his physician not to travel overseas in the immediate future, and so he will not be making the trip to Los Angeles," the rep said.

"Please understand that it is business as usual for Mr. Iwata, and he continues his normal duties as president of Nintendo Co., Ltd. while he remains in Japan. As always, he will be actively involved in all of Nintendo's activities at the show."

Given Nintendo has made the switch from a live E3 press invite to a digital event for the past couple years, it's not impossible Iwata will still be involved in the festivities in some way.