Japanese interest in gaming on the decline

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New research from Japan's Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association suggests that the number of people in Japan who consider themselves to be gamers has reduced significantly in the last year.

The organisation polled over 1,000 individuals aged between three and 79. The number that claimed to be gamers had dropped by 30.3 per cent compared to when the same poll was run in 2007.

Kotaku calculates that in broader terms, this means there are six million fewer gamers in the country now than there were a year ago.

Of those who said they did not consider themselves gamers, the most common reason was simply a lack of interest in gaming with the second most common response being that there were other things people would rather do.

The results back up 2008's market figures which showed that despite ongoing growth in regions such as the UK and North America, the Japanese video games market is in steep decline, shrinking 15 per cent last year.