Just five more days to submit your entry for the all-new MCV Awards

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There's now just five days left to submit your entry for the MCV Awards 2018 - with the deadline being the 8th of January. And it's easier than ever, thanks to a clearer and streamlined submissions system, plus reorganised categories covering every aspect of the UK games industry. Get your entry in today and give your team the recognition they deserves for all their hard work.

The categories and entry system aren't the only things that have been revamped for the awards this year - all in response to industry feedback.

We've got new categories for starters, which better represent the industry as it exists today, merging some categories and introducing new ones, such as Media Planning Team. Judging will be revised into a fully-scored system, allowing us to be certain that the best entry won. And by slimming the MCV Awards down to 19 categories competition will be fiercer than ever.

The streamlined categories have also assisted us in revamping the awards ceremony itself. Industry feedback has been for more networking time and more celebratory fun. In response we've lengthened the opening drinks, laid on more entertainment, made the awards and dinner snappier, and made more time for the party afterwards.

It all adds up to a more rigorous and yet more fun MCV Awards - and it's not often that rigour and fun make such good bedmates. We look forward to receiving your entries and seeing you on the night.