Katamari Damacy working on Google's Project Tango AR game

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Keita Takahashi, the developer behind cult PlayStation title Katamari Damacy, is working on an augmented reality title.

Takahashi is working alongside the rest of his team at studio Funomena on a new game built around Google's augmented reality technology Project Tango. It's called Woorld (with two ‘o's) and is said to capitalise on Tango's ability to mix digital and physical play”.

Players will be able to use the camera and display on a compatible smartphone or tablet to overlay the title's environments and characters onto real life, before interacting with them.

Designed to be accessible, open-ended and full of surprises,Woorldis just the beginning of the magical things we hope to do with AR and VR technologies,” Funomena co-founder and CEO Robin Hunickesaid.

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