Kickstarter reveals 2014 totals, nearly 2,000 games funded

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Kickstarter has released its annual report for 2014, showing that nearly 2,000 games were successfully funded during the period.

According to the report, 2014 Kickstarter projects raised a total of $529m – beating out the $480m pledged in 2013 by considerable length.

Music – Kickstarter's most successfully funded category – saw 4,009 projects funded, films/movies followed with 3,846, then the publishing category at 2,064 and games at 1,980 projects successfully funded.

In terms of amount pledged, technology projects brought in $125m, design concepts earned $96.7m and games saw $89.1m from backers.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was the top game project and third most successful out of all 2014 Kickstarter campaigns, raising 1,106,371 from 35,384 backers in the early part of the year.