Kmart posting user reviews in store

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Sears-owned US discount specialist Kmart is to begin sticking small user reviews on its video games shelves.

Kmart won't allow its users to say whether they thought a game was good or bad, but will publish comments describing the title and will allow users to give each title a star rating. It wants reports that can be understood by both gamers and non-gamers alike.

Reviews must be of games that are less than a month old or those that are considered evergreen” – the example given is NCAA Football 11.

About a month ago, we started placing snippets of our KmartGamer game reviews on store shelves,” the MyKmart blog reads.

With this, we'd like to announce that starting today, if you write a qualifying video game review on, there's a chance your review could be featured on our store shelves. By doing this, we hope to bring the Kmart online and in-store gaming communities closer together, and connect casual and more hardcore gamers.”