Kojima delights fans at GAME's Metal Gear Rising launch event

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Metal Gear Solid creator and cult fan favourite Hideo Kojima was in the UK last night to usher in the release of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Kojima and Konami's lead artist and series creative director Yoji Shinkawa took part in a Q&A session with 450 fans at GAME's Westfield White City store as part of the midnight launch.

Kojima apparently confessed that the game had been in development for four years but after running into difficulties they turned to Platinum Games for help”.

Added Kojima: Because this project had so many difficulties we're happy to finally see it go out. As far as what I want to leave behind… I'm not going to leave anything behind, because I'm going to keep on making games forever. I'm just going to keep on going till I die.

And even after my body gives up, I'll turn myself into a cyborg so I can keep on making games. So if you want to keep on playing my games you guys have to turn into cyborgs as well.”

The pair then took to the checkout to help sell copies to fans.

GAME White City store manager Babak Salim added: What an honour and privilege it has been for us to have both Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa here at our store tonight! Each Metal Gear release is a major event in the gaming world, and fans are now foaming at the mouth to go home and try the brilliant game that is Revengeance.

This has been an incredible event for our community and an unforgettable night. Come back soon Kojima-san!”

UPDATE: A couple of MCV readers contacted us to question our use of the word "delighted" in the headline.

Indeed, we're told that "the fans were in freezing temperatures for three hours, badgered by Westfield security and the Q&A consisted of three questions" and that it was "such a piss-poor event".

We concede that the headline "Kojima briefly shares room with cold, annoyed fans at GAME's Metal Gear Rising launch event" would perhaps have been more suitable. Apologies.