Konami reveals 1980s-styled Metal Gear Solid clothing range

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Video game clothing specialist Insert Coin has partnered with Konami to bolster its range of Metal Gear Solid apparel.

Having launched a set of shirts, tops and patches based on the original 1998 instalment of Metal Gear Solid last month, Insert Coin has now come up with a new range of clothes to tie in with this year's fifth (and possibly final game from franchise creator Hideo Kojima) entry in the core series, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The range of T-shirts and jumpers are styled around The Phantom Pain's 1984 time period and feature the logo and name of the in-game organisation of hero Venom Snake, Diamond Dogs.

Items include two 22 T-shirts, a 40 grey, yellow and black sweatshirt and a 55 button-up varsity jacket.

Insert Coin has also designed a neon-splashed logo (below) for the entire Metal Gear Solid 1984 Collection run of merchandise, which will be expanded in the months to come.