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Konami shuts down fan-made Metal Gear Solid remake

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Having previously claimed to have received an official nod from Konami, a fan remake of the original Metal Gear Solid has now been shut down by the publisher.

Developer collective The Outer Heaven said in June that it had been given the green light, but now project lead Ian Ratcliffe has told Kotaku that isn't the case.

"We finally got the answer this morning. [They] just said we couldn't carry on,” he said. Having any affiliation to Konami and the Metal Gear series was a big no no.

Apparently a lot of people at Konami knew about the game but they couldn't come to a decision, they had no choice but to shut us down. It's a real shame but we're not going to be sour about the whole thing. What we gained from public interest and Konami themselves was huge for us and we're very thankful for it.”

Prior to its cancellation the famed games voice over artist and original Solid Snake David Hayter had even signed up to the project.