Kotick: EA a good option if you want to sell out

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In a wide-reaching and uncharacteristically personal speech at DICE, Activision boss Bobby Kotick managed to find a little time for a quiet dig at publishing rival EA.

More specifically, the exec was keen to point out his belief that while Activision nurtures and respects its owned studios, EA is a good option for those looking to make a quick buck.

It's very satisfying to see passionate people go off and enjoy tremendous success,” he said, citing Jamdat and Pandemic – both of which were later acquired by EA.

We try to retain the culture and independence of our studios. We're a good mothership. But if you want to sell out and move on, there are definitely other companies to talk to.

Outsize egos really need to be checked at the door. It takes a village, but the guy who thinks he can do it all on his own, is usually the village idiot.”

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