Kotick: We're competing with Facebook

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Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has told Conde Nast's Portfolio magazine that the popularity of Facebook is a "challenge" his firm must overcome.

After stating that he believed Activision could continue to grow at a rate that outpaced the overall games market and the publisher's competitors, Kotick was asked: ‘Is there anything else in Activision's way?'

He replied:

Figuring out how to make the game experience more fun than any one of a hundred Facebook applications is going to be a challenge.”

Kotick was also asked: ‘Activision's growth has been phenomenal—over 80 percent in the past quarter. Is that sustainable?'

He said: Historically, during the past 15 years, Activision has grown at rates greater than the market. I'm hopeful that our growth will continue to outpace market growth and that of our competitors.”