Larian announces Divinity: Original Sin II, will be Kickstarted

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Larian Studios has revealed that Divinity Original Sin II is in the works and that the firm will be using Kickstarter to fund the title.

This crowdfunding effort will open on August 26th, though there's no word on how long it will last. The developer is also inviting fans to suggest what rewards they would like to see offered during the Kickstarter campaign.

Furthermore, a prototype of the game is going to be playable at PAX Prime.

Divinity: Original Sin was also crowdfunded over Kickstarter, and raised over $1m, including PayPal donations.

That game sold over 500,000 units in its first three months on Steam. The title was the best-selling title on Steam for most of the summer period last year.

A PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ‘Enhanced Edition' version of the title has been announced, too.