Latest Wii firmware blocks homebrew and Freeloader

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It seems that Nintendo has decided to take action on the growing homebrew Wii community following news that its latest update to the Wii's firmware (version 3.3) removes files associated with ‘unauthorised modifications' from users' machines, according to



In addition, GoNintendo reports that it also seems that firmware 3.3 renders Datel's Freeloader, a piece of software that allows Wii owners to play games from any region on any machine, completely inoperable.

Nintendo has to date remained tight-lipped concerning its feelings about Datel's region-hacking Freeloader device, but this latest move seems to confirm its thoughts.

Wii's increased emphasis on internet connectivity gives Nintendo more tools with which to combat the Wii piracy movement – something that is thought to be rampant in the DS (and PSP) market.