League of Legends developer Riot reveals new LA HQ

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Oh, so THIS is what owning the world's world most popular game pays for?

Based just like its current headquarters in Santa Monica, the new offices greets visitors with a selection of player-created League of Legends art along with a huge real-life model of Annie and Tibbers.

There are of course dedicated play areas for the game, as well as a selection of arcade cabinets such as The Simpsons and Marvel vs Capcom 2. Conference rooms are named after LOL's champions. And there's a pink punchbag, drought-friendly plants and large garage-style doors to let in that warm LA air, along with 100 breakout rooms.

It's even getting its own subway service in 2016, apparently. It all sounds a bit like the Lifeinvader offices from Grand Theft Auto V.

A ton of planning went into our new campus, but this is really just the start of the story,” Riot said. We're putting our new home on PBE. We'll customize the space to fit our needs: move our desks, throw up Scrum walls, and carve out quiet corners. We'll continue to evaluate what's working and what's not, and just like League, patch as needed.”

Here's a few pictures: