Ubisoft introduces fans to the Eden's Gate cult ahead of game's launch

Ubisoft has launched a live action prequel to Far Cry 5 on Amazon Prime.

The film, entitled Far Cry 5: Inside Eden's Gate, is a half-hour long prequel that shows three vloggers researching the Eden's Gate cult while researching it for an online documentary series.

Having given it a watch: it's pretty decent, and wouldn't feel out of place on any American TV network. Production value is decent and the cast are entertaining enough. The cult's leadership is played by the cast of the game, so it serves as a nice introduction to the game's universe.

It hits the zeitgeist that the rest of Far Cry 5 seems to be aimed at, too, with the main characters a loose bundle of vlogger stereotypes. It can be seen by anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription for free and should go a little way to showing off the world for anyone curious about the game but so far unconvinced by the game's marketing.

Ubisoft have been pushing their heavily on multimedia tie-ins in recent years, and last year's Ghost Recon Wildlands released alongside a documentary about the drug trade in Bolivia.

Far Cry 5 launches on the 27th of this month.