Iron Fish developer wraps up operations

Indie PR outfit and sometime developers Beefjack has gone under, according to several sources close to the company. 

News broke yesterday after a former employee tweeted about a blog post the company had put up. They were responded to by Niek Corstjens, previously a game designer at BeefJack Studio, one part of the organisation, who said that Beefjack had ceased operations a few weeks previously.

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Reaching out to several sources, MCV was able to confirm that around 15 employees were let go with little to no warning, although the status of BeefJack itself is unsure. Companies House now lists BeefJack Limited, the holding company, as in liquidation - although several other BeefJack companies are still listed as active. 

BeefJack started life as a video game website, and underwent many changes over its life, even playing a large part in developing Iron Fish on Steam. While several former employees were able to confirm the redundancies, all declined to be named.