Looking back on a great weekend of pro Street Fighter V

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This past weekend was one of the busiest for the FGC in recent memory, with four high profile events taking place all around the world. Two Capcom Pro Tour Ranking events, and two well-produced and far-reaching invitationals.

Red Bull gives Big Bird his wings

The Red Bull Kumite was the biggest event of the weekend and it went off spectacularly. Obviously, it's hard to ask the same standards of most other tournaments, as they don't have Red Bull's seemingly-limitless budget to throw at what was an impressive production. The French FGC who helped run the event did, however, do a tonne of things to ensure that the event went off without a hitch and absolutely should be commended for this. In fact, whoever it was who unlocked all the colours by beating Survival mode on all the machines used in the tournament deserves a bloody medal.

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