MadWorld controversy reaches The Sun

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Yesterday's astonishing attack

in The Daily Mail on Sega's Wii title Madworld

has gathered momentum – with both Metro newspaper and

The Sun

following suit.

The Sun today offers a headline of ‘Wii faces killing rap', under which it references the game as ‘ultra-violent' – reporting that ‘watchdogs' had urged for the game to be banned.

The paper adds:

‘MadWorld lets players impale enemies on road signs, rip out their hearts and execute them with chainsaws and daggers.

‘It is made exclusively for the Nintendo Wii — and looks set to wreck the popular console's family-friendly image.'

The tabloid quotes John Beyer of MediaWatch-uk, calling for the BBFC to refuse to classify the game. Beyer was also featured in the Mail yesterday.

Like the Mail, the newspaper makes no reference to Rockstar's Manhunt 2, due for release on Wii later this year.