Making the waters a little more attractive: The big structural changes that eSports needs to make if it wishes to attract investors

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In our last article we discussed the disproportion of eSports, given its viewership (and its relative young-ness) it should be growing at a much larger rate than it currently is. I believe that one of the two major problems impeding eSports proper growth is this: the inability for franchises, or to put another way, that teams rise and fall from even competing too easily. It's difficult to want to put serious investment, particularly from a sponsor's point of view, in a team that within a few months may very well never see competitive play again. The next and final part of this series will discuss the last impediment, intricately related to this one, in that eSports merchandise is so far behind that of traditional sports. Now let's dive right into this issue, as it's a bigger one than it might appear to be.

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