Mass Effect 3 and Metal Gear Solid HD added to PlayStation Plus next month

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Sony will offer perhaps its strongest ever PlayStation Plus line-up next month.

The subscription service offers gamers the chance to download a range of titles for free each month that they can keep and play indefinitely as long as they remain subscribers.

The March lineup, frankly, looks fantastic, entitling PS3 users to download EA's sci-fi RPG epic Mass Effect 3, Tecmo Koei's fighter Dead or Alive 5 and digital title Joe Danger: The Movie.

PS Vita owners, meanwhile, will get access to Konami's fantastic Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and puzzle outing Puddle.

This month's selection, which will no longer be available once the new titles arrive, was also pretty decent – Square Enix's Sleeping Dogs, Sega's Vanquish and indie hit Limbo, as well as Wipeout 2048 and Lumines Electronic Symphony on Vita.

PlayStation Plus subscriptions typically sell for around 39.99.