Metal Gear Solid 4 demo next month?

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People bemoaned its lack of exclusive software for the first year of its life, but the PS3 big-hitters have begun to arrive, and none come bigger than Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4 – so news of a possible demo next month is understandably reason to get excited.

CVG reports that a recent preview of the game in Future's PSW magazine talks of a playable demo arriving on Sony's PlayStation Network next month.

And of the game itself, the mag says: "What is clear about this level from the game is the degree of freedom you'll get to explore Snake's new world. Old Metal Gear Solid levels were fairly linear, albeit with multiple routes, these levels are more open. You're given a goal and tasked with getting there by any means necessary.”

The impending arrival of a demo may not always be something you expect to see hitting the headlines, but make no mistake about it – a free MGS4 demo on PSN could in itself be very much a PS3-seller.