Metal Gear Solid HD dated on Vita

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The PlayStation Vita version of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection will be released in the UK on June 29th.

Sadly, this means European gamers will have to wait a few weeks for the game to make the trip across the Atlantic – it's released in the US on June 12th.

The Vita version of the game, which was released on PS3 earlier this year, will not include MGS Peace Walker. However, the SKU will include both the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 as were released in Japan on the ill-fated MSX2 computer.

MGS Peace Walker is already available as a separate download on PSN.

Back to the Vita game – that will include Konami's bizarrely titled Transfarring system hat allows owners of the PS3 title to share their game saves across both versions.

It also utilises Vita's many control options.