Microsoft buys 'Xbox Event' domain

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Microsoft could well be preparing to unveil its next-generation Xbox console at its own event before E3.

The console maker has registered the domain just a couple of days after Sony laid its next-gen cards on the table with the announcement of the PlayStation 4.

The domain was registered by U.S. Techs, and the same company had also registered, which was used as a press registration website by Microsoft for last year's Xbox press conference at E3.

Several websites, including CVG, VG247 and The Verge, are reporting that this event could held in April, giving Sony a couple of months to itself and the PS4. April would be close enough to E3 in June, allowing Microsoft sustain hype for the new console all the way to E3, where the two next-gen consoles will go head to head for the first time.

Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 in New York recently. Click here for a jist of all our PS4 coverage.

Sources: IGN, NeoGAF

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