Microsoft confident of Japanese Kinect sales boost

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Microsoft believes a new wave of locally developed Kinect titles will help boost sales of the peripheral in Japan.

Earlier this week, the platform holder's Japanese Xbox 360 general manager Takashi Sensui admitted that the console's motion-sensing camera did not met expectations at launch in the region, according to Andriasang.

Kinect sold around 26,000 units in its first two dales on sale in Japan back in November last year. By comparison, Sony's PlayStation Move sold just over 50,000 units in its opening weekend.

However, Sensui hopes that a number of Kinect exclusives developed by Japanese studios will help increase the device's appeal to local gamers and increase sales.

The titles in question include Codename D, Haunt, Project Draco, Rise of Nightmares and Steel Battalion: Heavy Amor, Eurogamer reports.