Microsoft posts record $18.06bn for past quarter, still sees net loss

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Micosoft has announced fiscal results regarding the fiscal quarter ending June 30th, 2012.

Although the company brought in a record of $18.06bn in revenue (compared to $17.37bn for the same quarter in 2011), it posted a net loss of $492m due to a ‘goodwill impairment charge' of $6.2bn. The charge relates to the company's write-off of its 2007 acquisition aQuantive.

Bolstered by the Skype acquisition and its Xbox 360, Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division had quarterly revenue jump 20 per cent to over $1.7bn.

The firm shipped 1.1m Xbox 360 units, and membership in Xbox Live increased by 15 per cent year-over-year. The 360 has now been the top moving console for 18 months straight.

Meanwhile, the Windows and Windows Live divisions dropped 13 per cent, accounting for 4.1bn; while the Business division posted a seven per cent increase, making up over $6.25bn in revenue.

For the fiscal year in total, Microsoft recorded $73.72bn in revenue.