Microsoft reveals Surface Pro 2 tablet as a "full-power PC"

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Microsoft has officially announced the latest in its Windows tablet line, unveiling the Surface Pro 2 ahead of its launch next month.

The Windows 8-powered tablet is being called a full-power PC” by Microsoft, and carries several additions and upgrades, compared to its predecessor.

SP2 is 20 per cent faster than the original Surface Pro, with 75 per cent more battery life and 50 per cent more color accuracy. It also packs a stylus, as well as ports for three USB 2.0, one USB 3.0, ethernet, a mini DisplayPort, and audio in/out.

The base model carries a 64GB hard drive along with 4GB of RAM, and will cost $899. A 512GB hard drive/8GB RAM model will also be offered at a higher price point.

Surface Pro 2 releases on October 22nd, with pre-orders starting tomorrow.

The Surface line as a whole has been a struggle for Microsoft, with the company dropping the price of its Surface RT model in July following poor performance numbers in March.