Microsofts E3 announcements leaked?

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The internet has been ablaze this weekend with details of several apparently leaked announcements from Microsoft.

Kotaku has details of an Avatar system which appears to be a more in-depth version of Nintendo's Mii feature. Just like Mii characters, they will apparently be used in-game and it is also suggested that licenced clothing could be introduced.

The US-based blog also has reports of Lips, Microsoft's answer to Sony's SingStar franchise. It suggests that the title could boast 30 songs and will allow players to use music from their iPod or CD collection within the game.

The two wireless microphones rumured to be bundled with the title will also apparently feature motion sensors that measure players' dance moves, and there will also be a download service for the title.

Kotaku also reports that a new social gaming channel could also surface soon, which will host game-show style competitions with real and virtual prizes.

A Microsoft spokesperson responded to the reports by stating: It's not our policy to comment on rumour or speculation.”