Minecraft reaches $80m revenue

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The indie phenomenon that is Minecraft has hit a stout $80m in revenues, with over five million copies sold.

Along with the gaudy sales stats, the game also boasts a whopping 25m registered players. Five million new users have joined just in the past month.

Developer Mojang currently employs 25 people. For the sake of silly comparisons, that's a single employee for every million players registered.

The team has no plans of changing their skyward trajectory anytime soon either, with an Xbox 360 version due out in May, a mobile version already available, and customized Lego sets planned for later this year.

Mojang's Chief executive Carl Manneh also mentioned the possibility of a television adaptation for the game.

"We may do that,” Manneh told the Financial Times. If the right idea comes along and the right people that we'd want to work with, we'd say 'why not?'"