MMO subscriptions dont make any sense

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The MMO subscription model is a thing of the past – that's the verdict of Jolt Online Gaming boss Dylan Collins, who believes that the advent of browser-based gaming signifies a real sea-change in the way the business operates.

Broswer-based gaming has effectively standardized the notion that all MMOs really need to be free-to-play,” he told siter site

With increasing competition out there, putting a barrier to entry such subscription or purchase doesn't make any sense.

It's also introduced the notion of making MMOs more casual in order to increase the audience. And that's really a huge aspect. There are over a billion and a half internet browsers out there. Although people certainly want the really deep experiences that Warcraft can offer, it's abundantly clear from the success of Legends of Zork and Utopia Kingdoms, that people really want a more stripped down version as well.

So why not give the people something that doesn't require a 4GB download? I'm looking at you, Battlefield Heroes.”

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