Mobile and console Heroes games to launch alongside TV reboot

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The reboot of television show Heroes, Reborn, is going to be joined by both mobile and console titles.

The mobile version – coming to iOS and Android – is entitled Heroes Reborn: Enigma. Meanwhile the console and PC title is called Heroes Reborn: Gemini.

Both are being made by Chicago-based Phosphor, and are to be shown at this week's San Diego Comic Con.

Gemini stars a superhuman character called Cassandra with a mysterious past discovering her new powers and is coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

And Enigma is a first-person puzzle game where gamers play as an superhuman character escaping a government facility.

Heroes debuted in American network NBC in 2006, and ran until 2010. The reboot launches on September 24th, and features some of the original cast – namely Masi Oka's fan favourite Hiro Nakamura and Jack Coleman, aka Noah Bennet.