More COD premium multiplayer claims

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Mark this one down strictly as unsubstantiated rumour, but games site MaxConsole claims to have word from a source” regarding the paid-for multiplayer components that Activision is expected to announce shortly for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

It claims that alongside the traditional multiplayer options – which will remain free – Activision will also offer an optional monthly subscription that will be priced 10 or less.

For the money players will get free access to DLC map packs, and that access will be granted before non-subscribers get the chance to play. Exclusive maps and equipment will also be offered, as well as early beta access to the next Call of Duty title. Apparently there's also the chance of dedicated servers offering more players than normal.

Though all of this could well have been plucked from the air by MaxConsole, it does look to be roughly in line with what many believe Activision will offer.

Expect official details in a few weeks.