MotorStorm, DriveClub creator forms Starship studio

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Evolution studios founder Martin Kenwright has announced the opening of new digital entertainment studio, Starship.

Speaking with Polygon, the MotorStorm franchise creator confirmed the new venture – adding that his team consists of industry veterans from Evolution and Studio Liverpool that have collectively worked on 69 published titles, such as Formula 1 and Wipeout.

Starship will focus on delivering content internationally centered on e-health, entertainment, games and lifestyle. Its focus will go beyond just making games, as the company also hopes to explore and possibly create new channels to promote them.

"I realized that I was uniquely positioned with all this time, energy and resources to do something that no one had done before," Kenwright said, "so I've kind of made it a mission to tackle some sectors until now never seen high in technology.

"We're kind of out to challenge the whole marketplace, really. We're asking new questions as opposed to the same old answers."

Kenwright didn't go into detail on any of Starship's current projects, but promised more information at E3 2014.