Move doesnt punish lack of skill

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Supermassive Games' creative director Steve Goss has denied claims that the extreme precision of Sony's Move controller punishes players for lack of skill.

Speaking in the latest Move developer diary, which can be watched below, Goss also attacks Nintendo's Wii for what he perceives as a lack of precision.

I don't think difficult is in any way part of the contract that you make with the player with the motion controller,” Goss explains.

That precision isn't translated into complexity – it's translated into ‘it does what I want'. You put something onto the end of the controller and you can orientate it and look at it and move it around in our augmented 3D space. It's really involving – I think that's a big difference.

You can't sit on the couch and pretend to be bowling or doing tennis by wobbling your wrist – you really have to get involved and I think that's a major shift. It's made us try to figure out how to do something different. It asks us as developers to think beyond what it is we've thought about before. It's not just an update – it's a total new way of controlling.”

Check out the video below: