MS: Kinect gets football title

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Microsoft has confirmed what may well be a popular addition to its Kinect Sports title – a mini-game called ‘Football'.

A number of games journalists are currently getting their first look at the title as part of Microsoft's Gamescom 2010 Showcase, with former German national goalkeeper Jens Lehmann in attendance. Lehmann retired from football in June.

Today we had Jens Lehmann join us to try football on Kinect Sports for the first time, showing how we've created a fun and engaging game for the living room, inviting families in Europe to jump off the sofa and into the world of controller free entertainment,” Microsoft Europe's VP of Interactive Entertainment Business Chris Lewis stated.

We're riding high on the positive response we've had so far for the likes of Dance Central and today we'll be sharing more about Kinect games, plus our famed Xbox 360 blockbuster titles.”