National Geographic drops HD-DVD

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Sky News

reports that National Geographic is to drop the HD DVD format in favour of rival hi-def format, Blu-Ray.

National Geographic, along with New Line Home Entertainment, HBO Home Video and BBC Home Video, are all distributed under the Warner umbrella.

Warner announced it was to drop HD DVD prior to last month's CES. Currently BBC Home Video is the only Warner-distributed company that remains format-neutral.

Commenting in the aftermath of the Warner Brother's decision, David Walstra ,vice chairman of the Blu-Ray Disc Association, told MCV sister publication, PC Retail: Naturally we expect Warner's decision to accelerate the acceptance of the Blu-Ray Disc format in the European market.

It will allow us to focus more on educating the market, where there is still work to do. For example, to explain the benefits of hi-def and the role Blu-Ray can play in this.”