New accessories firm Lucid Sound slams state of headsets market

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The CEO of Lucid Sound has criticised rival headsets for all looking ‘exactly the same'.

Chris von Huben, whose career has included founding the Tritton headset range before becoming VP of MadCatz, says there is not enough innovation in how audio products are being designed. His comments come as the firm readies its LS-30 headset.

The headset sector today is no longer nascent or pioneering,” von Huben explained.

It's a mature market, it's been around for about ten years. And most of our competitors make headsets that look very alike. They're mostly black, they're mostly using a lot of plastic with angular design. There are lots of features and tech packed inside of them, and that's all good. But they all look exactly the same. And I dare say you wouldn't be caught dead wearing them outside of the house. It's just not something most consumers would do.”

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