New Aussie mag JumpButton launches

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Drew Taylor has launched issue #0 of JumpButton, a new Australian magazine which focuses on the art and substance of videogame culture.

JumpButton originally released in Australia several years ago for a brief run, but has been reborn with a new 64-page launch issue using MagCloud, a service which prints and ships high quality PDFs worldwide on a per-order basis.

The magazine takes a very unique approach to covering videogames, exploring the creativity videogames have spawned rather than the games themselves, current releases or traditional reviewing.

Widely hailed as a one-of-a-kind publication in Australia when it had its brief previous run, the new delivery platform and relaunch should see JumpButton have a second shot at achieving recognition for its thoughtful and significant vision.

JumpButton issue #0 is available from MagCloud now for USD$17 for the print version or USD$4 for the digital, however a 25% discount on orders of 20 or more copies applies (to the production cost) and shipping additional magazines doesn't increase the shipping cost.

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