New console device combats obesity epidemic

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Liverpool based firm New Concept Gaming has unveiled jOG, an add-on gadget that has been designed to battle obesity, set for release this year.

jOG detects when a player takes a step and projects that movement into the game while the gamer is jogging on the spot, while direction and other functions remain controlled by a standard game pad.

The device, which is expected to retail below 20, will be compatible with most existing video games that feature character movement on screen, according to New Concept Gaming. The unit also doubles up as a conventional pedometer for running, jogging and walking.

Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions in the Western world and many sedentary activities are being blamed, not least playing video games,” explained MD Brendan Ludden. jOG is a great way to banish those criticisms and help gaming be both fun and healthy. Liverpool John Moores University is undertaking significant research for us to measure the calorie-burn whilst using jOG and this information will be published shortly.”

Ludden also revealed that a games industry expert helped in putting together the fat fighting device.