New digital indie store lets buyers pay what they want

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Following the success of the Humble Indie Bundle initiative, a new digital indie retail offer has launched online.

IndieGameStand will offer a new game every four days, with the current title being SpaceChem. A portion of the proceeds will go to charity. All downloads are DRM free.

Buyers are free to pay what they like. $10 is the suggested amount, with a minimum of $1 required to get a Steam access code. If you pay over the average selling price (which currently stands at $1.86) you'll also get the game's bonus content.

For $10 you'll also get previous release Escape Goat and the next mystery” game too.

Total payments to date stand at $2,206.86.

The Humble Indie Bundle 6 recently closed its digital doors, raising $2,048,531.50 via a total of 316,272 sales. The bundle included Torchlight, SPAZ, Rochard, Shatter and Vessel with part of the proceeds going to charities EFF and Child's Play.