New FIFA 12 feature revealed: Rooney's extra hair

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Enhanced player control? More online options? Bah, forget it. What we want from FIFA 12 is better hair.

And what we want, EA delivers.

Following his high-profile hair transplant (yes, this is Britain – a high-profile” hair transplant) Man United striker Wayne Rooney has gone from ‘balding' to ‘thinning'.

And giving the epic transformation the recognition it rightly deserves, Asylum UK reports that EA's highly dedicated and talented development team has revisited Rooney's in-game model for FIFA 12 and added back in his once missing manly main.

Presumably the extra rendering power needed to realise these tiny tufts of joy can be accommodated by the extraordinary computing power of Xbox 360 and PS3.

Guess it's just a shame that EA didn't get round to re-hairing the game's cover art.