New iPhone entering production this quarter - report

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The new iPhone either has or shortly will enter production, according to new reports.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the new model will be similar in size and shape” to the existing iPhone 5, leading to the conclusion that we're most likely going to see an iPhone 5S unveiling.

Some online chatter has suggested that Apple would skip a revision of its current device and instead jump straight to a significantly redesigned iPhone 6, the idea being that it feels forced to change strategy to address the challenges being imposed by Android rivals such as Samsung and the HTC One.

The Wall Street Journal also believes that the long-rumoured low-spec entry-level iPhone (sometimes referred to as the iPhone Mini) is also in development, with Apple working with its manufacturing partners in Asia” on the project.

It says the phone will have a four-inch screen and switchable colour shells.

Both handsets could arrive by the summer, the site, reports, alongside the intended release of iOS 7.